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Glad But Realistic - Election Results Commentary

We suppose that all conservatives in America are pleased with the overall results of the last election. Feelings run from ecstatic to cautious. Rush Limbaugh represents the ecstatics. The biggest disappointment was the reinstatement of Teddy (Bare) Kennedy, Diane Feinstein and Vic Fazio.

SMYRNA believes that the most signficant thing about the election was the obvious "fed up" attitudes of the voters. This is encouraging, and we believe that the entire spectrum of alternative media over the years achieved this result. The alternative media include SMYRNA. We have finally made an end run around the establishment media, and they know it. We hope that they realize that the dissatisfaction of the voters is not limited to politicians, but to the mass media as well.

Just watching liberal personalities on TV such as Larry King, Tom Snyder, Tom Brokaw, et al., is amusing. Snyder asked Brokaw: "Do you consider yourself a liberal?" And Brokaw answered that he is a "centrist." Of course. Would the fox ever admit (or even comprehend) that he has a proclivity toward foxism? Larry King is a liberal who seems not to imagine that he is transparent to astute conservatives. He consistently asks questions of his guests that tip his hand. Incidentally, SMYRNA reported in its Oct. '94 issue the legal troubles King had in Florida in the 1970's. We wrote him a personal letter asking if the charges were true and what the present status is, but no reply has been received. SMYRNA believes that media journalists should be interrogated just as they interrogate others, but some may be untouchable.

Back to the election results. The liberals took a beating but that really won't solve our problems. The powers behind politics remain the same. For example, Newt Gingrich is saying wonderful things but he is 105% for the Jews and "Israel." [Which means he is 100% untrustworthy and probably *not* America's friend! -BeWISE]

Bob Dole is the same. And ditto for Jesse Helms. Their "contract with America" is fine, but we don't see any mention (as usual) of the Federal Reserve and its collection agency the IRS. Neither do we anticipate any proposals to end unconstitutional aid to political-religious "Israel" and the Jewish "Holocaust' Museum.

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The Jewish press contains its share of news and commentaries on the results of the election, and often it is more enlightening than the mainstream media. For example, in the Dec. 2, 1994 issue of Forward, a front page header was entitled, New 'Cause of Holocaust' Found. It seems a New York Times writer, Brent Staples, a black member of the Times' editorial board, took a swipe at Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss, former faculty member at the University of Chicago, accusing him of having been the god-father of the new anti-democratic spirit behind current conservative trends. Staples, according to the Forward, said that Strauss "attributed the Holocaust to the Enlightenment that produced such triumphs as the American Revolution."

Staples accused Strauss of teaching that the Philosopher Kings were born to rule (and Strauss included himself as one of them, according to Staples), servants were born to serve, and disaster resulted from letting the rabble get above its station. This, of course, is an accusation of racism against Strauss. "The idea that some Americans are less entitled to opportunity for 'genetic' reasons..." is an aspect of this philosophy, according to Staples. It also implies that criminals are born, not made, and they might as well be fried at the outset. This dark view of human potential "' poised to become a central feature of this country's social policy.'"

Assuming that the Foward got Staple's story right, he accused Strauss of being anti-democratic which would mean that he disagreed with the Declaration of Independence and its "all men are created equal" clause, as well as Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract and its pronouncement that sovereignty lies in the people. He was more of a "divine right of kings" fan if Staples is correct. But the Times and Staples aren't getting away with their allegations. Leading conservative and Jewish intellectuals "...see it as an attempt to find a philosophic scapegoat for the Democratic mid-term electoral disaster."

We at SMYRNA are amused. It seems that convoluted reasoning will go to any lengths to justify its practitioner's dogma. Why would anyone need to reach back to the Enlightenment in order to manufacture reasons for the defeat of liberals who have held Congress in bondage for many years? We are a little tired of racism being the cause celebre of so many blacks, from Staples to Jesse Jackson to Johnny Cochran of the O.J. Simpson defense team. Many whites are tempted to say to them: "We were not racists until you made us that way!" We should resist such an attitude, however, because it would serve the purposes of the conspirators who want social dissension, and it wouldn't be fair to those blacks who are not racists.

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SMYRNA has published the claim before that Jews as a whole are very liberal. This is borne out by the revelations in their current press about the recent election. In the cover story of The Jewish Week of Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 1994, this headline appeared:
"RIGHT TURN AHEAD", under which appeared, "Liberalism is dead. Huge social service cuts loom. What now for the Jewish agenda?"

The "Jewish agenda" is very important. First, it tells us that Jewish leaders *have* an agenda - they're not just citizens who live and let live. Second, the article in The Jewish Week reveals a lot about their agenda. It is quite astonishing.

"Thanks to the depth of the voters' rejection of established ways," says the writer Lawrence Cohler, "Jews now face a whole new set of realities, whatever happens... Jews face, at best, a revolution in how they work to achieve the Jewish notion of a just society... For many Jews, this new concept of government's role in society would be at utter odds with the one they have known and supported since their arrival here in the late 19th and early 20th centuries - and even earlier. In Eastern Europe, their own shtetls functioned as mini-welfare states, with universal medical care, free education and welfare, providing a deep-seated model for their notion of government, writ large, when they arrived here.
"If the conservative revolution succeeds, Jews and their large, expensive service agencies must prepare to do business in an entrepreneurial mode ... For many Jews the wave of unbridled anger revealed during the recent campaign remains scarier than the election results themselves."

These are truly revealing statements! Cohler is not only saying that Jews as a whole are welfare staters in philosophy and practice, but that they are now afraid that Americans may wake up to their major role in this country's socialized government and it may not bode well for them. He quoted Michael Berenbaum, director of the United States Holocaust Museum Research Institute: "The concept in America, which has been so uniquely beneficial for Jews, has been the covenant model... Under this model, those who are productive provide for those who are no longer productive, not yet productive or unable to be productive. . .The question now is whether we will move from the covenant model to a survival-of-the-fillest model." Marshall Breger with the Heritage Foundation in Washington, agreed: "The Jewish community should not and cannot give up on its responsibility for tikkun olam," (repair and healing of the world) "I do not think the prophetic vision is irrelevant."

The "covenant" and "prophetic vision" are obviously references to Jewish religious and cultural beliefs that they are God's gift to the world - it is their mission to show all nations "the way". They have a plan to bring about peace and prosperity to all people. Unfortunately, their plan relies upon using others' money and governments to succeed, and that's one of the reasons why, in the last two thousand years, they have faced anger in those whose properties they despoiled. Smyrna recommends its booklet Strong Delusion to help understand this.
In one respect, the air of intolerance that has characterized the current mood is different from anything that Jews have encountered before in their long history: Little, if any of it, is aimed directly at them. If anything, Jews are invited into the majority tent and offered a seat of honor at the feast of anger. - Lawrence Cohler, The Jewish Week

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Jews do not see the recent election results as bad news for financial aid to "Israel". Republicans Newt Gingrich and Jesse Helms, even though determined to cut govemment subsidies to the bone, will support continued aid to that political-religious state. The same is true of Bob Dole. Cohler points out that "Jews, as Jews, are virtually out of the line of even collateral fire from this anger and fear [of the voters]." This is not surprising. Precious few representatives have ever opposed unconstitutional give-aways to "Israel" for two reasons: They either fear the money and influence of Jews at election time, or they believe that "Israel" is the apple of God's eye. The latter is the result of Talmudic influence on segments of the Christian community for nearly 100 years. Probably the biggest reason why Republican control of Congress cannot succeed in straightening the country out is the existence of the Fed. As long as it controls our money we will be in debt to the international bankers who formulated and lobbied the plan finally enacted as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It will not be long before we cannot pay even the interest on the so-called national debt of some six trillion dollars. Strange it is that the Fed is never a subject for campaign rhetoric among candidates. It's as if it doesn't exist.

SMYRNA proposes a question: Because the Fed was a creation of Jewish money lenders, and because it apparently realizes enormous profits from its operations, is it in the best interests of Jewish leaders whom we've already seen have gigantic plans for the world, to maintain socialistic governments which must borrow the money to run the welfare octopus? Whether the U.S. borrows money for war or welfare, the Fed profits. Who gets those profits? How do we know what happens in the management of its coffers? Are its profits being used to achieve the Jewish Utopia alias the New World Order? Before scoffing at this idea, please read our Strong Delusion. Judgment without knowledge of its contents would be ill advised.

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It must be pointed out that not all Jews are liberals. In The Jewish Week issue used above, author Steve Lipman quoted Rabbi Daniel Lapin: "Where did the myth originate that Judaism is anything but inherently conservative?" According to Lipman, there is "A new breed of young Jewish conservatives" who are "rejecting the liberalism of their parents and grandparents." The article names some of them.

Matthew Brooks: "Democrats have been good at speaking the 'Jewish language.' Now Republicans are starting to speak that language."

Barry Farber: "We have soldiers in the field. They organize. They run camps. They picket Farrakhan."

Marshall Wittman: Here is an interesting one. He is "director of legislative affairs for the Christian Coalition, the highest-ranking Jew in the Rev. Pat Robertson's religiously based political group."

Michael Medved: "The perspectives of the loony left are robustly represented in Hollywood - as evidenced by the triumphal career of Oliver Stone - while the outlook of the radical right is all but invisible."

Dennis Prager: Author and host of radio and TV talk shows. Considers himself a "passionate centrist" in politics and an "observant non-Orthodox" in religion. He laments that Jews vote by passion and fear rather than by thoughtful, reasoned conviction.

Lisa Shiffren: Coluinnist for the American Spectator, president of the NY branch of the Independent Women's Forum. She penned Dan Quayle's "Murphy Brown" speech.

Eric Breindel: Editorial page editor of the New York Post. Noting that the left had sympathized with the Soviet Union or with revolutionary regimes in the Third World, he became conservative. He believes that Israel is central to continued Jewish life.

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While the overvhelming majority of Jews are politically liberal and many of those are communists, there are a few who are conservatives. Religiously, a wider spectrum exists. But "Israel" is the common denominator of all except a handful of non-Zionists who receive no attention.

The flip side of socialism is monopoly capitalism. That's why capitalists of the caliber of the Rothschilds, Schiffs and Warburgs financed the Bolshevik revolution that established brutal Communists in power. Americans have been fed the lie that socialism and capitalism are antagonistic. That's true of the capitalist concept of free enterprise, but monopoly capitalism has never been an enemy of socialism.

Make no mistake, Jews have an agenda for the world, and they look upon the U.S. as the best base from which to carry it out. They are influential way beyond their numbers and they are ubiquitous but inconspicuous. Who but the informed would know that a Jew wrote Dan Quayle's speech about Murphy Brown that got him in deep trouble? Therein lies a lesson if we would but learn it.

The Republicans who have now come to power in Congress will do no better than the Democrats because they will not go to the source of our problems - which are Jewish socialism, Jewish monopoly capitalism, and the state of "Israel"

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"Warm" Jews Fill the Present Administration

[The complete transcript of the Ma'ariv article will be posted soon! --BeWISE]

According to Criminal Politics magazine of Nov. 1994, seven out of eleven top staffers of the National Security Council are Jews, DC synagogue members are the creme de la creme of Washington society, and DC cable TV broadcasts the Israeli TV news from Tel Aviv every night.

Israel's leading Hebrew language newspaper, Ma 'ariv, in its Sept. 2, 1994 issue carried a story by Arinoam Bar-Yosef which was translated into English by Dr. Israel Shahak. The article indicates that the U.S. no longer has a Gentile government. It quotes the rabbi of Adath Yisrael synagogue in the Cleveland Park district of Washington, DC who said, "For the first time in American history we no longer feel that we live in Diaspora. The U.S. has no longer a government of goyim but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels." The rabbi went on to note that perhaps the aspects of their religious law connected with the term 'government of goyim' should be re-examined, since it is an outdated term in the U.S. The word goyim means all non-Jews, and the word Diaspora refers to the scattering of Jews throughout the world.

This is important information. What would happen if this situation were changed and the Arabs held these posts? Or, suppose evangelical/fundamentalist Christians held as many positions? Smyrna can state without hesitation that the media and other pressure groups would become apoplectic. Such a circumstance of influence would not be tolerated.

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Not many Americans know that the presence of so many Jews in this government is parallel to the periods of history in several other countries. In Spain prior to the Spanish Inquisition and their expulsion by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in A.D. 1492, they were so rich and powerful that a class struggle developed. They had obtained high posts in the Church. Finally, King Ferdinand and Oueen Isabella succeeded in reinstituting the Inquisition, and eventually expelled them in A.D. 1492.

The actual facts of the Spanish Inquisition have been misrepresented by some historians and by the popular media. From the Jewish perspective it was a horrible time of persecution, and, it is true that the methods used by the inquisitors were barbaric. But the flip side was the religious, social and financial influence in the hands of Jews and "converted" Jews (conversos). Inevitably, the two factions clashed.(1)

(1) See Kamen, Henry, The Spanish inquisition, The New American Library, NY, 1965.

Hilaire Belloc relates how Jews in England conspired to attain favorable advantage over the people. In his book, The Jews, he stated at the outset: "It is the thesis of this book that the continued presence of the Jewish nation intermixed with other nations alien to it presents a permanent problem of the gravest character..."(2) He gave two reasons why there is friction between the Jews and their hosts. One is the Jewish reliance upon secrecy. "It has unfortunately now become a habit for so many generations, that it has almost passed into an instinct throughout the Jewish body, to rely upon the weapon of secrecy. Secret societies, a language kept as far as possible secret, the use of false names in order to hide secret movements, secret relations between various parts of the Jewish body..." (p. 99) Although many Jews would say they change their names because of fear of persecution, Belloc admits this is perhaps justified in some cases, but contends that it doesn't explain why relationships between equally distinguished and equally approved Jews are hidden in the different societies in which they move. Why should Moss-Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, have concealed his Jewish ancestry? Or Charles Kingsley, the writer? Belloc gives an account of a Jew in the house of commons in England who spoke passionately against a measure to limit "aliens" [Does this sound familiar?]. He said over and over that all his people wanted was to be left alone. But Belloc recalls that manv years later this man's family was involved in scandal after scandal in parliament. Belloc declared: "They had been let alone right enough! But they had not let us alone." (pp. 37-38)

(2) Constable & Co., Ltd., London 1922, p. 3.

Did Belloc advocate harsh measures against Jews? No. Does SMYRNA? No. What is needed is for the churches to awaken and publish the truth about these matters so that the electorate is not deceived. Let ideas be free and balanced in the media and in the schools. Expose secret societies and organizations with truth. Truth is the most powerful weapon on earth. It is only the suppression of truth that enables charlatans to flourish. But Smyrna admits that though this is the only way to morally deal with error and influence. it is also the most difficult and unlikely, for it requires dedication, hard work and genuineness of character, and that's the rub!

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Bill Benson researched and wrote the two volume work, The Law That Never Was. He revealed that the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified and therefore is not law. For this and for not filing income tax returns, he went to prison where his health was broken. Recently he was freed and then returned even against a judge's advice. It is reported by the newsleller, Sign of the Times (Citrus Heights, CA) that Bill has had a grand mal seizure, mild stroke, and has been on nitro for chest pains. Back in August he suffered a serious stroke.

As one condition of release, be must promise not to speak out against the 16th Amendment (in the land of free speech!), which he refuses to promise because of deep convictions. America! America! Where art thou?

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SMYRNA wishes God's best for all of you, and a safe and pleasant holiday season. Even though Dec. 25th is not the birthday of Jesus Christ, we hope that the season is enjoyable and that families will find peace and love with one another.

We hope that you will pray for our efforts - we have been having computer problems. Hopefully those problems will be tenninated soon.

For those of you who have never read all of our literature, we encourage you to do so. Our booklet, The Lion Out of Judah is newly revised and ready for delivery. It is only $3.00. We believe that it corrects some fundamental errors being taught about the New Testament and Jesus, and it reveals historical truth not available elsewhere. In a time when Christianity is being trashed and the New Testament revised by its enemies, why not do something positive to defend the faith? Order literature that answers our critics Get some for your friends, too.

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