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"The New Holy War"(1) by Bill Moyers was a TV production about Amendment Two, the anti-homosexual privilege bill that the people of Colorado passed but was later declared unconstitutional by Judge Jeffrey Bayless of the Denver District Court. We believe the case has been appealed. Moyers went to Colorado Springs and interviewed homosexuals, evangelical Christians, and liberal "Christians". The last category included Jim White, pastor of First Congregational Church.(2) Pastor White has declared his intention to marry two lesbians in his church, and has lost many members as a result. He told Moyers this "humorous" story:

Coach Bill McCartney of the University of Colorado, a prominent Christian who supported Amendment Two, says that the Old Testament states that homosexuality is an abomination to God. But, says Pastor White smugly, the Bible also says it is an abomination to touch a dead pig. Therefore, when the coach touches a football he is an abomination to God. Get it? Pigskin.

That sounds real clever, don't you think? A reliable source at the "Gazette Telegraph" in Colorado Springs told SMYRNA that minister White has been telling this story frequently. But - liberal minister White is Incorrect! Leviticus 18:22 states: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." (KJV) The word "abomination" means "disgusting, abhorent" in the Hebrew language in which Leviticus was written. Now notice the verses that deal with touching a dead pig. Leviticus 11:7-8 states: "And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean. Of their flesh [referring to certain other animals as well] shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you." (KJV) The word "unclean" means contaminated because a dead animal is full of bacteria, parasites, etc. Of course Moyers didn't catch this since his own knowledge of the Bible is limited and interpreted from a liberal perspective. One would expect much more from Bill Moyers who graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at Fort Worth. Apparently, his instruction was either inadequate or it didn't "take". During the interview Pastor Jim White admitted that he didn't believe the Bible literally. For liberals that means that they reserve the right to exclude and change parts of it that don't suit their "enlightened" views.

(1) PBS TV documentary first shown Nov. '93, shown again July 22, '94.

(2) Affiliated with United Churches of Christ, tne most liberal denomination in America.

If anyone thinks that the wording of the Hebrew language might be particularly harsh on homosexuality, we refer them to the Septuagint where the Greek is virtually the same as the Hebrew. The word translated abomination means a detestable thing. The New Testament is crystal clear about homosexuality: practicing homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God (I Cor. 6:9-10).

SMYRNA called the liberal Pastor White in Colorado and informed him of the difference between the two Mosaic prohibitions (the abomination of homosexuality and the uncleanness of touching a dead swine). It was obvious that he had not done his homework, nevertheless his message reached all those who watched the Moyers presentation on PBS TV, most of whom don't know the difference. This is another example of brain washing via the boob tube.

White suggested that we call Terry McGonigal, Director of Young Life and a member of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs. McGonigal is one of the Christians who met with homosexuals on Moyers' program. We telephoned him the same day. It turns out that he has a masters and a doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary and teaches graduate level subjects to evangelists. He said Mel White, the homosexual who left his wife and two children to live with another man (see SMYRNA May '94) was his former pastor in Pasadena. He had glowing praise for Mel White's goodness as a person. He related that White had fasted for a week in front of Focus on the Family headquarters and had placed a full page ad in the local newspaper (Gazette Telegraph) in response to Dr. James Dobson's full page ad. McGonigal disagrees with both postures.

McGonigal said that he had a fantastic time of fellowship with Bill Moyers during the production of the PBS piece. This reveals a difference between conservative Christians and so-called New Evangelicals. This writer doesn't understand how he could have "fantastic fellowship" with Moyers because of the latter's liberal and inaccurate views. Remember, Moyers was Lyndon Johnson's press agent in the White House. Johnson was not only a rank liberal but an opportunist of the worst sort. Moyers was his man.

Finally we asked McGonigal if the homosexuals who claim to be Christians are born again. He hummed and hawed extensively. He couldn't answer that. We had the feeling that he may no longer like that term. He does believe, however, that the "good" homosexuals have been deeply hurt by Christians, and he apologized to them on Moyers' program. What is Smyrna's posture on the homosexual issue? Although we have stated this many times, we need to reiterate that we do not hate anyone - we look upon homosexuals as human beings who need changed hearts like everyone else, and they are certainly not entitled to special privileges enforced under law. We cannot believe that they are Christians in the Biblical sense, just as we cannot believe that heterosexuals who commit their lives to adultery are Christians. This, of course, demands a definition of terms. A Christian is one who has repented of sin, embraced Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and endeavors to follow the teachings of the entire New Testament. Such a person receives a new nature via the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and there- fore is convicted by conscience when sins are committed. He/she resists sinning and regularly confesses sins and asks for forgiveness, which is given by God to a genuinely contrite heart. Let's examine this definition in the realm of homosexuality.

Many homosexuals claim to be Christians. Some are even "married" in churches that claim to be Christian churches. But if we agree with the definition of "Christian" above, their claims are a contradiction in terms. Why? Because they have not confessed homosexuality as a sin and asked for forgiveness, so they remain unforgiven and, incidentally, carry an enormous load of guilt which often explodes in the form of hostility and rebellion. For those who have joined liberal churches and appear to be practicing Christians, they have simply redefined Christianity and do not meet the New Testament requirements. An analogy follows:

Suppose people applied for membership in Christian churches and reveal that they believe that adultery is an acceptable, alternate life style, one that God hasn't condemned. Suppose they claim to be Christians, claim to love Jesus and are committed to serving Him. How would we handle that? Would the liberal churches go for it? Suppose the applicants claim that they cannot help being adulterers - that they must have been born that way. Would anyone buy that?

Genuine Christian churches would tell them that they are welcome to attend, but they could not be accepted for membership. It would be demonstrated in word and deed that they are loved as potential penitents, but that their lifestyle is unacceptable to God. There is little difference between being a practicing homosexual and a practicing adulterer in terms of sinfulness. Both lifestyles are forbidden by the Bible. Those who do not accept the authority of the Bible are free to reject it, but they should not bother to call themselves Christians.

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In the final analysis the homosexual movement is only one of the tentacles of the octopus of intrigue that confronts contemporary America. The brain belongs to Satan and his henchmen - all those who would overthrow the authority of God - even if they do it in the name of God. Their primary target is orthodox Christianity, and they are masters at organizing, deception and influence.

When we consider the differences between liberal and conservative Christians, SMYRNA's sense is that they have dissimilar definitions of Biblical love. The liberals seem to think that Biblical love requires the unconditional acceptance of others regardless of their characters and life styles, while conservatives think in terms of God's conditional love for sinners pending their repentance. He is long suffering and compassionate but not indulgent as the liberals are.

TV productions such as those aired by Bill Moyers do incalculable harm to society. In the name of tolerance, peace and goodwill, they contribute to the further breakdown of our culture which is already at the point of total collapse.

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[Again, we couldn't put in the necessary Greek symbols for this article...
We apologise for the inconvenience... --BeWISE]

Esther Ramon, president of the Israel Genealogy Society, was startled recently to learn that her grandfather, a religious Jew who had been killed during World War Two, has been posthumously baptized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). Although many people are unaware of it, Mormon volunteers have compiled a computerized data bank of more than 200 million names to aid in tracing family trees, the purpose of which is to baptize live surrogates for dead relatives. This practice is based on their belief that the Bible commands them to do so.(3) This is an erroneous belief but our purpose here is to report the reaction of some Jews to the practice. They dislike the Mormons' use of "Holocaust records" to get names of individuals to target for baptism. They fear that the uninformed may conclude that dead Jews who have been baptized by proxy renounced their Jewish religion and adopted Mormonism. They are also "aggrieved that anyone would label Holocaust victims who died because they were Jewish as anything but Jewish." Finally, these records could "play into the hands of Holocaust deniers, who might twist the information to bolster claims that the Nazi genocide against Jews never occurred or that it is exaggerated." This statement by Jewish spokespersons may get us to the bottom line of the problem - where the rubber meets the road.

Why would Jewish leaders fear that historical revisionists might use the holocaust" records to document their claims that the event has been exaggerated? If the lists are genuine and untouched, they should prove just the opposite. But if the numbers have been exponentiated we can understand why they would fear exposure. The accusation that "Holocaust deniers" might twist the information is malicious. While there are probably those who deny that the "holocaust" occurred, SMYRNA knows of no serious revisionists who are "deniers" - they simply want to set the historical record straight. Furthermore, it's a matter of definition. Jewish leaders concocted the term "holocaust" (even capitalizing it) to describe the horrors of German prison camps. This is primarily a misuse of the word. The word "holocaust" comes from the Greek "----------" meaning "whole burnt offering". The prefix "----" = whole; the suffix "-------" = burnt. Thus the primary meaning is that a huge number of people were burned to death. This was not true of the Jews in World War Two. However, a secondary connotation can be used, one that simply refers to large numbers of people being destroyed.

An interesting notion occurs to us at this point. Since the primary definition of "holocaust" is a "whole burnt offering", could it be that Zionist leaders sacrificed Jews in Europe when they planned to obtain Palestine? This is what Ben Hecht, the famous Jewish playwright, claims in his book "Perfidy".(4) What a brilliant but merciless scheme. A religion perceived as connected to ancient animal sacrifices now offered its own people up to the god of Eretz Israel. Thus the term "holocaust" might have been born. It has both the religious and the secular combined.

(4) Julian Messner, Inc., NY, 1961 (see especially pp. 18-22).

Please note that SMYRNA has not denied the suffering and death of tens of thousands of Jews in Europe during World War Two. But a closer look suggests that Zionist leaders such as Chaim Weismann who became "Israel's" first president, were involved in selecting which Jews should be saved for the new Israeli "utopia". This of course alters the claim that six million perished which is now pretty much acknowledged by authoritative sources.(5) Ben Hecht also noted that large numbers of Jews escaped from Europe before the "holocaust" which would have to be subtracted from the six million Jews in Europe prior to the final outcome. No matter how one slices it, the popular propaganda today is far from the truth of historical evidence.

(5) David Cole interview of Dr. Franciszek Piper, & Cole's statement that Dr. Yehudi Bauer agrees that about 1.1 million Jews died at Auschwitz. The USSR originated the false figure of 4 million.

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David Irving is one of the best known historians in the world. He has been hounded mercilessly by Jewish leaders in England, Canada, Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy and the U.S. If you do not believe that Jewish leaders wield enormous power in the world, we ask you to look at what they've done in Mr. Irving's case. Any time that a special interest group can cause governments to bar a person from their countries, THAT'S POWER! Jewish leaders are guilty of that. SMYRNA believes that a hundred years from now, if things continue, they will be complaining that they were sorely persecuted in the above countries in which they actually wielded terrible power. Christians will, of course, take the brunt of their accusations.

If you wish to view a video of Irving speaking on the subject of his harassment and the "holocaust", order it from SMYRNA for $27.00, postage paid. Mr. Irving is an excellent speaker. He is not a sensationalist; he is a genuine scholar of world class standing. His facts will astound you.

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Jonathan Pollard, the American Jew who spied for Israel, has growing support among American Jews for a new trial. Now serving time in Butner Correctional Institution in North Carolina, Pollard summoned Lester Pollack and Malcolm Hoenlein, top officials of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, to the prison to convince them of the emergence of new "evidence" in his case. Both were persuaded to support him. What is the new evidence? Although the Forward newspaper didn't reveal it in detail, it appears that the "new evidence" will be the claim that his sentence was the result of anti-Semitism!(6) This is borne out by an article by a Jewish lawyer named David C. Grossack in "Citizens Law Digest" entitled, "The Patriotism of Fools". In setting up the straw man that anti-Semites make the absurd accusation that Jews control the country, he stated: "If Jews were in charge, Jonathan Pollard would be a free man...Pollard remains in prison sentenced by a black Judge angry about alleged Israeli ties to South Africa."

(6) "Forward" newspaper, July 29, 1994, p.4.

Is there any area of our lives that is free from the absurd accusa- tions of anti-Semitism by Jewish leaders? If anyone so much as looks at them with anything but a worshipful glance, they can yell "anti- Semitism!" The final manifestation of their wrath upon all non-Jews ("gentiles" or "goyim") will be when they rule over us with their superior Talmudic wisdom, and we will do their bidding under the Noahide Laws.

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SMYRNA has been pretty tough on Pat Robertson in recent years. We would rather not be tough, because he is doing excellent work in reporting news, defending Christian liberties, and organizing a grass roots movement for political action in every state. We commend him in these areas. Our one gripe, however, is his continued adoration of "the chosen ones" and "Israel". This is because he embraces the doctrine of dispensationalism and he probably knows that if he crosses them his TV work - and consequently all else - would be destroyed.

(7) All information and quotations in this section are taken from the "Forward" of July 29, 1994, p.4.

He has underestimated the vindictiveness of Jewish leaders. In a report on the "religious right" spawned by the ADL, Robertson was named as one of the "archvillains". But in a recent meeting of ADL officials and evangelical leaders on the campus of Regent University (part of Robertson's complex), Perrence Undvall, president of the school actually praised the ADL report. "The meeting's goal was to prepare a seminar on 'Jewish and Christian readings of the New Testament' to be given in the spring by Rabbi [Leon] Kliniki and J. Lyle Story, Regent's professor of New Testament'..." All this is part of an on going project with the ADL. In praising the ADL report, Lindvall "sought to distance himself and his university from the religious right's agenda."

According to Criminal Politics magazine, Jewish leaders are getting provoked at Pat Robertson because his work is cutting into their political agenda. They have turned on one of their staunchest Christian allies.(8) This ADL report is not the first to single out the so-called right wing for destructive criticism. In 1966 it produced "The Radical Right" which was a report on the John Birch Society "and its Allies". It was published by vintage Books, which are published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. and Random House. Knopf is a Jewish publishing house.(9) In its 1966 jaundiced creation, the ADL anathematized another of its staunch supporters, the John Birch Society. The pattern is consistent.

(8) July 1994 issue, p.42. The title of the ADL report is "The Religious Right: The Assault on Tolerance and Pluralism in America".

(9) Part of the vast media holdings of Jewish money.

SMYRNA remembers that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion relate how Jewish strategy would set up its own opposition in the press in order to control both sides of the overall operation.(10) This stratagem is not confined to the press literally, but extends to organizations. We cannot know for certain which organizations were intended by the Talmudists/Zionists to serve their purposes from the beginning, but we don't need empirical evidence; we only need to recognize the practical results. Both the John Birch Society and Pat Robertson are Israel supporters, yet the ADL attacks them. Does this fit the pattern?

(10) Protocol 12.

A most disturbing statement in the "Forward" article on the meeting at Regent University was one binding evangelicals and Jews together in "...their commitment to a common religious agenda." It was also revealed that "Mr. Robertson himself had close ties to Nathan Perl- mutter (former head of the ADL],...according to Yechiel Eckstein, an Orthodox rabbi who developed the 'evangelical desk' at the ADL..."

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He is popular among many evangelical/fundamentalist Christians, and is an ADL missionary to the Christian community. It is extremely important for us to remember that he "...developed the 'evangelical desk' at the ADL..."(11) He was one of the speakers (via video tape) at a conference on "Our Jewish Roots" held Nov. 4, 1989 at The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, CA, pastored by Jack Hayford, a well known dispensationalist. Hayford, along with Frank Eiklor (founder of Shalom International) and Marvin Wilson (instructor at Gordon College in Massachusetts) were the other speakers. All of the speeches by the "Christians" praised the Jews out of whose roots (so they claimed) Christianity was born, and they reprimanded Christians for their mistreatment of the Jews (aren't you getting a little weary of this same old saw?). This writer would like to thump on the heads of dispensationalists such as Hayford, Eiklor and Wilson and yell, "Hello! Is there anyone home?"

(11) As an activist within the ADL, Eckstein is part of that world-wide, powerful, secret Masonic organization known as B'nai B'rith. It is near the apex of leadership in the conspiracy to control the world and to destroy Christianity. SMYRNA is appalled at the ignorance and carelessness of those Christians who welcome Eckstein into their churches.

[We agree! The level of ignorance within the Christian ranks is enough to boggle the mind. It is almost frightening to experience. But it is a fact that YAHWEH is using this information as a tool to reach the sheep and find out exactly who out there will be open and humble enough to receive it. This information also seems to be effective in causing those who profess to be "open & loving" Christians to reveal their true "fruit" (nature)... --BeWISE]

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Here is an excerpted portion of Rabbi Eckstein's speech. We have quoted extensively so that you may see the broader context.

"Can there be any evangelical or Christian Jewish dialogue? Is there really possible any sort of healing and reconciliation when the two central, very CORE commitments of our communities clash? For the Jew to ask the evangelical to cease to be evangelical is to ask that person to cease to be Christian as they authentically understand themselves. And I don't believe we can do that. And so we're going to have to find ways in which the Christian can be evangelical and the Jew can be a Jew, without each feeling that they are compromising on the integrity of their community and their faith, and yet, to enter into fellowship with one another. And I believe that there are ways.

"Briefly, Christians are going to have to repudiate those among them - and there are, whether they're splinter groups or not - but those among them that have cultic features, characteristics and methods for evangelizing. Those who may - uh - that may involve manipulation, coercion, overly aggressive, zealous techniques, deception, duplicity. And I believe that responsible Christians and churches and groups have and do do so. But that's the first step of witness, is to repudiate all those forms of coercion because that is not what God wants.

"I believe also that, if I understand Christian theology correctly, it is not the Christian duty to convert Jews or to convert anyone. It is the Christian obligation to preach the gospel, to witness to the world. It is not their doing if there is a conversion, it is God through the Holy Spirit who brings about the conversion. And if that's the case, then why can't Christians witness civilly through dialogue, through sharing? Isn't this not only what God wants but also the true, pristine, pure method of witness, one that we Jews I think are willing to accept. We may not like being bopped over the head by the Christian gospel, but I think most of us are open and indeed welcome the opportunity to share with one another in friendship and in peace, and uh, through those non-coercive or manipulative methods. And so dialogue becomes a form of Christian witness.

"A second model that I believe is valid is indeed the word 'model'. Every parent knows that once they have to start telling their child to do something they've lost. The child should see it in the actions of the parents and simply try to emulate it. To love as Jesus loved, without Jesus having to say anything, but to love as Jesus loved would be a Christian motif that is very valid. To serve as models, as witnesses, to come back to my remarks in the first session. To serve as witnesses together. To learn by model, to learn by dialogue.

"And finally, to learn by blessing. We've had enough of words; we've had enough of deeds that are frequently negative in trying to bring the Jewish people to Jesus - to Christ. It is time to bless Israel, to bless the Jewish people. To act on behalf of Israel and that that itself becomes the form of witness. Let me assure you that seeing thousands of Christians in solidarity with Israel or Soviet Jewry or the Jewish people at their time of need says more to the Jew than a hundred missionaries passing out tracts on the street. It says to us, 'Hey, you are for real. You really do care for Israel, you really do care for God and the Jewish people. You are not just trying to bring about conversions.' And so, I believe that there are ways in which Christians and Jews can come together in fellowship without each feeling that they are abrogating their responsibilities, their great commission, the core of their identity. And let's leave it up to God to decide and to work out through us and through the world exactly what happens.

"Sometimes I'm - I'm reminded of a story. If [stutter] it the Messiah or when the Messiah comes back to earth someone is going to ask him the question that is going to be earth shattering: 'Is this your first or your second coming?' And two thousand years of history are going to be waiting for this response, and true Prince of Peace that he is, he will respond, I'm sure, with 'NO COMMENT'-- he's not going to enter into that debate. Let us join together in fellowship in worshiping God and in bringing God into this world."

Does all this seem rather lovey-dovey? SMYRNA wonders how many Christians can tell us what's wrong with it? Does he want sensitive, equal dialogue with all Christians? Does he really care about Christians? What Christian groups is he calling "cultists"? Does he understand our theology? Will he acknowledge any wrong doing in history on the part of Jewish leaders? Will he urge all Orthodox Jews to acknowledge and abandon those parts of the Talmud that blaspheme Jesus Christ and condemn Christians? Will he use his influence to tear down that edifice in Washington, DC misnamed the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum that is an affront to every Christian, a millstone around every taxpayer's neck, and a violation of the Constitution?

The part of Eckstein's speech that is particularly offensive is his fictional tale about the second advent. We are so glad that he knows (via the infinite wisdom of Talmudic casuistry), what Messiah will say when he returns. But we have news for Rabbi Eckstein. It is no trivial matter as to whether or not Messiah's coming is the first or second advent, for when He appears He will take

"vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ."(12)

That will include those who have not recognized Jesus Christ as deity nor appropriated His gift of salvation prior to the second advent! It will be too late to ask such utterly absurd and presumptuous trivialities!. The very nature of Rabbi Eckstein's supposedly humorous prediction is characteristically, spiritually obtuse. But worse yet! The spiritually blind evangelical Christians who fawn over such mouthings demonstrate their pathetic, traitorous ignorance to the Nth degree.

(12) II Thess. 1:8.

We have just made a pretty judgmental statement. Does this mean we're spiritually callous? We certainly hope not. We have, we believe, been guilty of defending the veracity of the New Testament, a task that certain evangelicals refuse to undertake. We feel pity for Rabbi Eckstein. We pray that he will come to know the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As for the evangelicals involved, we also pray for them for they should know better!

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At a meeting in Detroit in July, the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA) met and decided to make the following demands upon the government:

1. The creation of an independent state exclusively for African Americans.

2. $20 thousand for any black citizen descended from slaves.

3. Access to land, money, technology and tax deductions.(13)

(13) Compare these demands with the strategy of the Communist Party of 1928 expressed in "American Negro Problems" by John Pepper (alias Joseph Pogany, et al.), and in "The Negroes in a Soviet America" by James Ford and James Allen, 1935. The Communists desired a "Negro nation", a "Soviet Negro Republic".

Jesse Jackson and Rosa Parks were at the meeting but Louis Farrakhan, who was listed as one of the speakers, didn't show. This is a take-off on the reparations received from Germany by Jews who escaped the "holocaust". Germany has been paying out tons of money over the years to such Jews. Therefore, the above blacks believe that "If the Jews can get money for their suffering in World War II, we should be able to do the same for having suffered during slavery." Representative John Conyers (D-MI) is sponsoring a bill for reparations.

But many in the Jewish community don't like this muscling in on their turf. The ADL even thinks it's bordering on anti-Semitism (there's that absurd buzz term again!). A "Forward" headline stated: "Radicals Taint Drive for Reparations". Sanford Cloud, black head of National Conference (once known as the National Conference of Christians and Jews [caveat!]) said he had questions about the reparations movement - whether it's a serious movement, and about the practicality of getting reparations.(14)

(14) The foregoing is from the "Forward" of July 29, 1994, pp.1 & 5.

This writer is thinking about applying to the government for reparations as an Irishman for all the misery suffered by his ancestors who were like dirt when they came from Ireland. They also helped to build the railroads to the West and were as low as the Chinese coolies who built them toward the East. We have a friend who says he may apply to European countries for reparations because the barbarians sacked Rome. You see, his ancestor was Roman Emperor Vitellius. Then there are Christians whose ancestors suffered at the hands of the Jews when Rome burned during Nero's reign. But the granddaddy of all Christian suffering is that which occurred under the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia. Perhaps we could get back some of the tax money we have sent (and continue to send) to "Israel" for the "holocaust" they perpetrated upon our relatives.

If reparations were paid to all those who have suffered in this old world, everyone would be paying somebody and getting paid in return. What a senseless situation. The country has gone mad. And the Jewish leaders started it.


U.S. Grants to "Israel" in fiscal year 1993: $6.321 billion. That's more than $l7million per day.(15)

(15) "Washington Report on Middle East Affairs", Jul/Aug 1994, pp. 36, 38.

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Dear [Smyrna]:

Please renew my subscription to Smyrna. I have missed receiving it.

My "former" pastor said to the congregation last Wed. night, that if I returned he was going to openly rebuke me for sending out "poison" to his members or "sheeple" as some call those who follow blindly. The reason? I've been sending tracts refuting dispensationalism, rapture, Israel first, etc. -- (Name withheld), Lake City, Florida.

SMYRNA's comment; Christians are now persecuting Christians because of the schism created by Talmudic/Zionist chillasm taught in churches by historically ignorant and spiritually handicapped Leaders.

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"On June 23 the Canadian Supreme Court ruled 4-3 to refuse a review of the acquittal of 82-year-old Imre Finta, a police captain in Hungary during World War II accused of deporting more than 8,000 Jews to 'Nazi death camps' in 1944. The review was requested by the Canadian government acting with B'nai B'rith Canada and the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association."(16)

(16) The Spotlight, July 18, 1994, p.1

Finta's attorney, Doug Christie (who has defended both James Keegstra and Ernst Zundel) said this was good news because the court's decision recognizes the international law that soldiers must obey orders from their superiors. This defense was not allowed German military personnel at the Nuremberg War Trials. SMYRNA believes it will also help in reducing the chances of railroading an innocent person such as John Demjanjuk, who was persecuted by our illustrious Justice Department.

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If you haven't seen the video "The Clinton Chronicles" you must arrange to do so. It is packed with evidence for the culpability of Bill Clinton in not only womanizing, but in drug running, beatings and murders of witnesses.

According to "Criminal Politics" of July 1994 the video reveals that $100 million in illegal drug traffic passed through Mena, Arkansas each month. Much of that drug money was laundered through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA).

A long-time Clinton friend, Dan Lasater, went to jail along with Roger Clinton on drug charges. Gov. Bill Clinton granted a full pardon to him.

Over a 10 year period private investigator Jerry Parks built a file on Clinton that documented his drug usage and sex activities. Parks was murdered on Sept. 26, 1993. But before his death his Clinton files were stolen.

This is only a portion of what's in The Clinton Chronicles. Order the video from: Criminal Politics' Book Club, P.O. Box 37432, Cincinnati, OH 45222. - OR - call 1-800-543-0486 and have credit card handy. The price is $19.95 + $3 shipping & handling.


(This is an article by C.A. Alexander, taken from the Spring 1993 issue of "The Researcher", published by The Bible Lover's Fellowship, P.O. Box 232, Postal Code P3E 4N5, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The Editor, J.R. Boyd, went to be with the lord recently. SMYRNA has reproduced it without change. We do not necessarily agree with every thought in it, but we do endorse it as worthy of Christians' study.)

Truly God is able to do the impossible, but whether this means we have a right to expect that God will act in the way many suppose when they speak of revival, is a totally different question. If our age is an age rapidly running down to judgment; if ours is an age which exhibits all the features of those historic times which immediately preceded the pouring out of the wrath of God - the age of Noah, the age of Lot, the age of Jeremiah - we have every reason to believe that the next event which lies before us is JUDGMENT, not REVIVAL.

Those who think they see by their prophetical interpretations a greatly lengthened future still for this world, no doubt will be complacent, but that is their responsibility. For ourselves we think all the signs are present of a complete and worldwide revolt against everything which is called God, leading directly to the consummation of all things in judgment.

There are religious signs, as Protestantism abdicates its role, accepts the lie of rationalism and denies its Creator, and liquidates itself on the doorstep of Mother Rome.

The world and the church face a new thing which has never been known before, no, not since the foundation of the earth.

It Is the enthronement of unbelief. In the very centre and heart of the Church visible; the setting up of the last great Baal of Rationalism in the House of the Almighty God.

Satan is waxing bold. Not since the Garden of Eden has he been in such a paradise. He has the ear of humanity, and no lie, conceit or daring blasphemy is now withheld from a generation which in other fields beside that of religion exhibits the most alarming symptoms that humanity has lost its soul. The Age of Faith had its triumphs in every field of human culture, but for over a century the Western world has been departing from the ground of faith. What Rationalism has done for Protestantism, Materialism has done for science and culture. We have a Creation without a Creator and a universe without meaning, purpose or plan. Atheistic evolution reigns, and there is no iniquity, blasphemy or vice which is not now brazenly uttered and publicly defended.

What then? If revival after the traditional pattern may no longer be feasible, but only the expectation of judgment, what is the believer to do? Is there to be no light in the prevailing darkness?

The answer should thrill every true believer who is jealous for the glory of the Redeemer. Ours is the privilege in a falling age of bearing the last witness against the devil and all his works. In the hour of his unloosing, he is to be resisted and fought with all the weapons in the armory of God. We will lift up our voice for Christ and truth whether the people hear or whether they forbear. Like Noah in the ancient world, like Lot in Sodom's last night, like Jeremiah in Israel's last apostasy before the judgment of the captivity, it is our privilege to bear witness against the unbelief of the present age. We are destined to be the Camp of the Saints compassed about by the heathen and atheistic multitudes of Gog and Magog, until fire falls from heaven to consume the transgressor.

The question of "revival" is irrelevant to that testimony, as it may be irrelevant to the hour in which we live. What we look for is that our God should pluck His hand out from His bosom and vindicate the testimony of His people, so that the nations may know there is a people in the midst of the earth whose God is the Lord. That vindication is more likely to take the form of judgment than revival.

Are we ready for such a testimony? Are there enough men who know their God and their Bibles well enough to arouse by their preaching the enmity of Satan's multitude? We doubt it. There is an appalling evangelical sickness which prevents a robust and convincing testimony to the glory of Christ. If some of the energies expended in the vain search for "experiences" were devoted to the creation of a company of preachers adequate under God to the task, the evangelical position would be changed overnight. It might not - in our opinion it would not - spell revival in the sense in which that almost discredited word is now used, but it would mean TESTIMONY, and testimony would mean the opposition of Satan, suffering, persecution, loss and shame. But why should WE escape the penalty which our fathers were called upon to pay for their devotion to Christ's crown and covenant?

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